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Community manager en test

Responsable des modérateurs


  • Who are the staffs?

    inshare staffs are present so that everything is in order on the forum. They are recognizable thanks to their twinkling nicknames, their front nickname icons and also the badge present at the top right of their content published in subject and message.



    Moderation manager


    Moderator in test

  • Administrator

    They take care of the proper functioning of the forum, networks, updates, news.. Those are them who made inshare on 05 September 2016 at 23h56.

    There is no recruitment for this position.

  • Manager

    He is the right arm of the directors. He can solve problems related to accounts, respond to support requests, warn / exclude a member of the team, manage recruitments if there is no asset manager..

    This position is only available if you are responsible for moderation and it is free.

  • Moderation manager

    He takes care of managing the moderators, recruitments, warn/exclude a member from moderation, assigning tasks to be carried out, responding to certain requests for support..

    This position is only available if you are a moderator and if we believe that you can insure it, and that it is free.

  • Moderator

    They make sure that there is no problem within the forum. They can warn / ban a member, delete, move and edit any content that violates the rules..

    This position is only available if you were successful during your test period.

  • Moderator in test

    They have the same permissions as moderators. They are simply being tested for a period of 2 to 4 weeks maximum, in order to know if they officially join the team.

    This position is available when a recruitment session is open.

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