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 plusemu Arcturus morningstar 2.4.0 rc-2 release thread


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JE SAIS J'AI PAS PRIS L'effort de traduire... [c'est pas mon point fort]

2.4.0 RC-2 Changelog:


- Username Talk Plugin Event Added (ArpyAge)
- BuildHeight plugin event added (ArpyAge)
- Fixed The Invisible User Teleporter Bug! (Dome and Necmi)
- Fixed Thread Flood exploit in Vending Machines (Dome and Necmi)
- Added Reloading Public Rooms to Update Navigator Command (nttzx)
- Fixed Mod Tool Disconnecting on the source swf in both public and private rooms (Cam)
- Fixed Game Wired including 0 score on Highscores (Stankman)
- Fixed Visitor Bot so it no longer includes the room owner (Remco)
- Made flood time configurable (Swirny)
- Trading refactor, disallow trading ignored users (Alejandro)
- Customizable Gift wrapping config, and gift purchase validation (Alejandro)
- Ignore case when using the room wordfilter (Alejandro)
- Disable avatar rotation when using a vending machine on a chair (Alejandro)
- Remove Horse Items properly when used (Alejandro)
- Pickup bots and pets on room deletion (Alejandro)
- Proper validation of Post-It colors (Alejandro)
- Ignore spaces when validating room name length on creation (Alejandro)
- Fixed saving trade mode in rooms upon saving (Alejandro)
- Fixed checking guild membership (Alejandro)
- Fixed Marketplace Offers (Mike)
- Fixed exploit allowing flooding in Tanji (Mike)
- Fixed wordfilter permission checks (Mike)
- Fixed Monsterplants (again) (Mike)
- Added Ban counter to Mod Tools(Mike / Swirny)
- Fixed Negative Flood Time  (Mike)
- Fixed Flooding with rights (Swirny)
- Added the softkick command  (Swirny)
- Fixed wrong online_time counting (Mike)
- Fixed users being able to ignore staff members (Swirny
- Fixed bot limits, and now allows you to have more than 15 in your inventory (John)
- Made rollers, when you roll off, now trigger onWalkOff Wired (John)
- Fixed photo deleting if you are not the photos owner (John)
- Fixed WiredEffectMatchFurni so it no longer sends furniture under users (Like Habbo) (John)`
- Made TraxManager work per item, not per room. Refactored by (Stankman)
- Fixed Tanji exploit allowing you to turn off room background colors without rights (Necmi)
- Fixed placing multiple bots on one tile (Necmi)

- Brand new base database and catalogue, credits to Wullez, Gizmo, Ridge and Tenshie, thankyou! Note, this new catalogue is included in the new base db, we do not currently have a method allowing previous hotel owners to upgrade to this, if you figure it out, let us know!

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