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The Challenges Ahead for Marketers in the Next 6 Months


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Making forecasts and anticipating what is coming seems, in these times, almost a risk sport. Knowing where the market is going and what consumers expect from your products and brands is, however, the main concern facing marketers right now. Things are very complicated, the

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situation is very complex and being able to position oneself in a positive and clear way facing the future is a fundamental piece to survive in these turbulent times, no matter how difficult it is to determine which way is that which is adequate and functional.

For this reason, anticipating the market and predicting what will mark the agenda have settled as key points on the work agenda of the top marketing managers in particular and of marketers in general.

One of the latest studies to help shape what marketers should do comes from the United States. Dentsu just released the findings of its annual study of the marketing insights, concerns, and trends that set the marketers' agenda.

This data helps to establish a list of what will be the great challenges in six months ahead for marketers, or at least those who think they will be. It should not be forgotten that the coronavirus crisis has turned everything upside down and that, with it, it has created a context of absolute uncertainty in which nothing can be taken for granted.

The great challenges
In general, the big short-term challenges (six to twelve months ahead) for marketers are closely linked to the hangover from the coronavirus crisis. The first of the great concerns of marketers is being able to differentiate the temporary from the permanent.

43% of those surveyed indicate that

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it is a challenge to determine which changes in consumer habits are temporary and which are permanent among all those who have marked the agenda in recent times. As they explain in the study's conclusions: "understanding consumer behavior is more important than ever and yet it has never been so difficult."

It is not the only element that the coronavirus crisis implies. 41% of marketers also believe that falling consumer spending will be a major challenge. 35% see a problem in being able to follow changes in consumer sentiment and align with them.

In general, this year, says the study, the top marketers will be dedicated, above all, to a struggle to survive.

They are not prepared for this situation
But what is important about all this data is not only that marketers believe that complex times are ahead, but also how they feel about this situation. Most believe that, despite everything, they are not prepared for the context in which they will end up plunged. Thus, 52% recognize that they are not prepared for the challenges of the next six to 12 months. Only 48% trust the prep work they have done.

On this last point, those CMOs who say they are prepared are also the ones who are often investing in key areas. They are already spending on improving the consumer experience, on shifting their marketing investment towards digital, and on pivoting towards ecommerce.

How the crisis has affected them so far
The coronavirus crisis is a future challenge for marketers, but it has also been an element that has affected them in the recent past.

62% of marketers surveyed acknowledge that they have been affected in some way by the pandemic. Only 9% believe that the health crisis has ended up benefiting their business.

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