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  1. Welcome to the newly opened Grand Hotel that you can call your home! Custom CMS/UI, Custom Catalog with a lot of new furni, a lot of new rares that you can collect and trade and full of interesting events. We have a hard-working Staff team that will always be there for you. The website was built specifically to fit the style of the Hotel! We are so proud to invite you all to join the open beta and share your thoughts with us! We strive to improve the Hotel and listen to the feedback the community will give! People from anywhere are welcome to join and have a good time! We are looking for moderators for the hotel to help us improve the experience the users will have, so if you think you are made to be a moderator feel free to join our discord and text me Frenkzz#3503 The hotel that welcomes every player from EVERY country! We have channels for every langue in your discord server so feel free to join HERE! Join our Hotel Join our Discord
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