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  1. Hello Fellow Bobba's!These didn't turn out as good as I wanted but they still serve a purpose!(The animated image may take a moment to show) (You will have to make the cata icons) ----------------Download----------------
  2. 25 Pokemon Test Tube Displays! (Nitro & SWF included) *They are animated and light up!* This may take a moment to load as there are a few animated images. Each furni starts off closed like this: When double clicked once, the display will open! (all 3 pika's work, I messed up the preview) ------------------------- Download: [Hidden Content] ---------------------------- All furni's have 3 interactions. Remember this when you make the sql.
  3. Hello fellow bobbas!You can double click to get the kitty to talk!It's also animated! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  4. Hello fellow bobbas! Ive been playing alot of OSRS latley and wanted to do something fun! Here are the protection prayers as holo's! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  5. Hello fellow bobbas! Everyone: "Another throne custom.. ugh" Habbo came out with some new Hello Kitty Furni and I wanted to whip up something random! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- .NITRO + SWF INCLUDED
  6. Hello fellow bobbas! Playing around with Pixelart, deviantart and Photoshop...I hope you all enjoy! These are coded for Arcturus MS and Nitro downloads available below! Download links: ------------- Google drive ------------- Arcturus-MS SQL, Furnidata and Icons included in the download!
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